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thomas and friends mini series
I'm not surprised, just I've never seen it over here at all lol!
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
they never got released in UK . Only Minis available in UK for 2020 will be blind bags and light ups . Nothing else scheduled
Oooo light ups! This gives me hope nz wil get them soon. Ideally would like to find both them and fizz n go locally as i fear issues with both at local customs level.
I had a whinge on the aussie thomas and friends fb page the other day about poor distribution and that my being forced to import was not only expensive but also took some of the of the joy of new acquistions away and didnt allow me to support local business.
my website address has changed:
not new light ups but just keeping the old ones available
Thats fine. I have none so would be happy to see old ones on the pegs. Smile
my website address has changed:
Did translucent power rangers get a wide release? Has anyone ever seen them in stores or online?
Nigels was able to get the 4 pack for me. I believe he ordered it online. So only 3 translucent minis and 1 solid colour re-issue in the pack
I can still get the translucent Power Rangers here as I write this, in fact I got a pack I need to get to the post office for one of our members already.  I've been intending to send it for a couple of weeks now, but I'm so busy with work I find it almost impossible to get to the psot office during their working hours!  But I'll have to soon with the chrismas mail rush imminent!
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
The car in the new fizz packs are slightly different color.
Here is unedited picture to show the color difference.
[Image: image.png]

What would you call these? Yellow is definitely more like highlighter yellow and now we have a pale blue one.
To me, the colors look like this:
Top row: lime and light blue.
Bottom row: light yellow, dark blue, orange and coral.
my website address has changed:
Hi Sun,
Bottom 4 already had the honor of being named by drew. Smile We just need to name the top 2 (from new Nia Fizz and Thomas-3 Fizz packs).

Any news on 2020/1 so far?
Sweet. No news on the next wave beyond the photos that get posted to twitter.
my website address has changed:
Heads up, Super Cruiser is $21.92 at Amazon today. Of course it dropped few days after I ordered mine. Smile
Yes, I noticed have a big selection of Hot Wheels id cars at about 30% off today as well, typical as I already have all of those, mind you the shipping would kill me so wouldn't really be a saving for me anyway lol!  Mind you bloody annoying that Amazon UK aren't running the same deal, but having said that a lot of their range of them have gone out of stock in recent days anyway, so I guess they have no need to reduce the price Smile
Happily collecting things all my life... Big Grin
It’s been slow on the minis front. Probably for the best for anyone that isn’t caught up yet. Meanwhile, I received the 3 translucent power rangers from Nigels yesterday. Nice to cross another off the list. Only need a few more.
[Image: 588-B7-DFB-1-EC0-44-E0-B2-F2-622-CC71-D1886.jpg]

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