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thomas and friends mini series
series 22 blind bags were spotted in australia a few weeks ago. no sign across the ditch as yet.
my website address has changed:
filled a few more holes today thanks to ebay and nigels for the use of his address. four to go!!

my website address has changed:
Hi Sun,
Some of those are reasonably priced, good luck.

I hope everyone is doing well, and staying away from covid.
Has anyone seen any new releases so far? I saw Series 2 boxes at Walmart but what I wanted to buy wasn't available and to be honest I didn't feel like buying more overpriced engines with useless cargo cars, so I just walked out. I noticed it was already messed with.
Still no sign of 2020 wave 2 yet in Canada. Keeping my eyes open whenever I’m out. Seems pretty quiet on the Minis front these days...retail shelf space is getting smaller and smaller. With no multi packs, the blind bag boxes just kinda move around...
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  • Pablo392, sunhuntin
Anyone for an electric mini .......
[Image: 124558119-2797424797192655-6507710270107928911-n.jpg]
[-] The following 1 user Likes rekp's post:
  • Pablo392
Wow that's tiny. I didn't know there was a scale that small. Is that standard?
It is the newly released Bachmann N Scale .
Looks beautiful. I know there is a limit where things get cheaper as they get smaller, and then exponentially more expensive when they are too small like this. At one point I was interested in building NYC Subway lines.. I just thought "they are pretty small, how expensive can they get" oh -- pretty expensive, it can get. Smile

Can't wait to retire so I can play with scale engines, one line at a time.
MTA Redbirds was my first plan, HO looked reasonable at first and it was probably the most widely available scale at the time to my untrained eyes.

I don't think they make others anymore.

Sorry we are taking this off-topic.
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  • mikedaws
Just spotted the new wave of 2020 minis! Box was pretty much empty, but good to know they’re out there in the wild. I’ll hopefully come along a full box. Wondering how much longer minis will be around for. Doesn’t seem to be much activity out there these days.....
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  • sunhuntin
Managed to find 27 of the 48 2020 wave 2 minis today. Was good to find at least half of them!
[-] The following 1 user Likes mikedaws's post:
  • sunhuntin
well done, mike!!
my website address has changed:
[-] The following 1 user Likes sunhuntin's post:
  • mikedaws
Thanks Sun! It was exciting to see some new minis!
Managed to find another 13 from 2020 wave 2. Including diamond Thomas. I was so surprised to find him in the box. Just 8 more to go!
Found another 7! Just 1 more to go. It’s so fun actually being able to find minis in the wild! Has been so long!
Did you find them at toys r us, Mike? I saw a box last weekend and out was empty. I asked if they had more and they searched their system and she told me that it looks like someone basically bought the whole box and that was the only mini bags sold that week.

Which is a good sign I guess. I’ll prob check again this weekend.

For the people that follow a little closer than I do, how does it look for the future of these trains? Has there been any announcements on anything new? Honestly, I’m still sort of hoping they end the line soon so I can end the hunt. It seems to be getting harder and harder to get new trains.

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