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thomas and friends mini series
oooo, liking the look of the new james and percy! following the taobao link shows them as being light ups.

makes me wish i knew how to buy from that site [and trusted it enough to do so...]
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Finally found a box of 2020 series 2. Fresh unopened box and grabbed some of them including the diamond Thomas. Just my luck the first ever train I’ve ever opened out of the bag that’s damaged. I don’t even know how that’s possible. Cool train otherwise. Tongue
[Image: DA81226-E-8-B73-4646-B03-C-FF71-EE512-D4-D.jpg]
ugh, that sucks! what a shame. hopefully you can find another box.
my website address has changed:
Series 23 MINIS. Time to find some names.
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  • mikedaws
Bought the rest of the series 22 box I saw the other day. There were 43 total from the box. And for some reason there was one double. Anniversary James. Mike, that’s the one you said you needed, so I’d for whatever reason you struggle to find it, I have an extra. So just need 6 more from the series. And recounted my series 21 trains and realized I do have them all. I thought I was missing one.

Noticed a small error on the checklist, Drew. The 3 little pigs wolf is diesel and not diesel 10.

Looks like we’re in it for another year I guess with series 23.
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  • drewbenn
Thanks so much! I actually had the anniversary James and didn’t realize it. Sunhuntin pointed out that he came with the advent calendar...which I had. I really do need to get organized!
Oh, man. I really made a mistake by not grabbing an advent calendar when it was available on Canadian amazon. I gambled and hoped it would remain post-Christmas and get it for a discount. I just ordered it from America amazon. The price wasn’t too bad considering.

Think all I need now that I haven’t put on hold or ordered is that final fizz n go Thomas and 5 trains from series 22. Not sure how to get that final fizz Thomas. Tongue
someone on facebook found a case of the new 2021 minis at target usa. they were in the trucks, and are labelled as "series 3".

mattel really needs to sort out their series numbering and go back to the old style.
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if that's the case it explains why there were only 24 listed on the new sheets as that's how many trucks per carton
quite likely. they got doubles of everything except metallic percy, which was only one, and a third of the james with jelly or whatever on him.
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would this class as an error, and if so, is it worth grabbing? spotted on a local auction side.

[Image: error.jpg]
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minis have officially been sighted in new zealand, at long last! a fellow collector 5 hours away messaged me and said she had found a part box. i immediately made contact with a friend of my partners asking him to check his branch, where he found a full box. it will be on its way to me tomorrow. 

just need a list of the newest releases to update my "wallet list" and we are good to go again.
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