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thomas and friends mini series

Please take any selling and/trading down to the Private Trading Zone Forum.
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(08-29-2021, 01:00 PM)drewbenn Wrote:
(08-29-2021, 12:28 PM)sunhuntin Wrote:  

Hi Drew,
I wanted to check if you have any idea about how much has been released since your last update to your list at the end of 2020?
I don't know... it seems like multi-packs have fallen out of favor, so I assume just 4 waves and an Advent Calendar, but I haven't been following closely enough to know for sure. During an episode of Prodigy I saw a TV ad for a big playset (with the great feature that it can easily be picked up and carried away with one hand!) that looked like it might have come with some minis and mini tracks.

If someone else wrote up a list of the 2021 releases I could probably be talked into adding new sections to my site.
everything i have acquired this year i added to pablo's spreadsheet. i dont have series 24, but found a list of names so added that on. pretty sure i am up to do date other than that.

i can provide photos of everything except series 24 if needed.
my website address has changed:
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the last big set that included a mini was the super cruiser playset. that came with 2 exclusive minis and an exclusive push along trackmaster. from 2019
my website address has changed:
very odd find at a distant shop the other day... series 25! the side of the box shows all repeats. there were 20 bags left, so we bought them all. have updated pablo's sheet, but it is not complete sorry. have included the names of the others on the sheet, but have left the numbers off as no clue what they are. photos of the box etc tomorrow.

still no sign of series 24 anywhere...
my website address has changed:
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[font][font]Hello, nice to meet you. I am a researcher at TFMini on Twitter.

I've been watching threads so far, but I've heard some very interesting information so I posted a comment.

Would you please tell me about Series 25 if you like? I'd like to know information about new vehicles, even in words, please!
(I'm retranslating Japanese, so I'm sorry if the grammar is wrong.)[/font][/font]
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hello, tf_minis. i have long been a follower of yours... i joined twitter specifically to follow your page.

this is the info i have for series 25 so far. the color for this series is a dark orange, almost brown. all are repeats from old series, and there are no obvious differences between these and the earlier releases.
28 creature t.truck
32 bumblebee james
59 creature stanley
66 space iron bert
122 animal ben
324 dino ben
326 dino james
460 cowboy thomas
471 cowboy porter
528 racing gordon
544 space charlie [2020]
623 chocolate percy
624 patchwork hiro
626 racers dash
unknown # animal hiro
unknown # cowboy diesel
unknown # cowboy emily
unknown # space millie
unknown # metallic/rivet thomas [chase/exclusive]
unknown # racers thomas
unknown # racers flynn
unknown # dino percy
unknown # dino stephen
unknown # galaxy dash
my website address has changed:
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[Image: P1160461.jpg]

[Image: P1160462.jpg]

[Image: P1160463.jpg]

[Image: P1160464.jpg]

[Image: P1160465.jpg]

[Image: P1160466.jpg]

[Image: P1160467.jpg]

[Image: P1160482.jpg]

[Image: P1160483.jpg]

[Image: P1160484.jpg]

[Image: P1160485.jpg]

[Image: P1160486.jpg]

[Image: P1160487.jpg]

[Image: P1160488.jpg]

[Image: P1160489.jpg]

[Image: P1160490.jpg]

[Image: P1160491.jpg]

[Image: P1160492.jpg]

[Image: P1160493.jpg]

[Image: P1160494.jpg]

[Image: P1160495.jpg]
my website address has changed:
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Thank you for the information!

From the existing information, it seems that the ones produced in China (resale products) have the same number, so some characters can be understood at this point.
It's looking more and more like MINIS is about to come to an end after seven years.
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Wow, has it been seven years? Seems like only yesterday this Thread was started and grew to the biggest Thread at BPT's
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  • drewbenn
(01-04-2022, 11:52 AM)Fred_Pelhay Wrote: It's looking more and more like MINIS is about to come to an end after seven years.

Seems like it. The selection of product has been reduced to blind bags and the advent calendar. Even with that, there is virtually no presence of the product in toy aisles. It’s more of an afterthought now. Really too bad. The excitement for Minis has stopped as well. This message board was always so fun of exciting information.
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found another box of 25 this afternoon, in my home town this time. i bought the remainder of the numbers. the metallic thomas is also a repeat, sadly. will update the remainder on the spreadsheet.
my website address has changed:
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Series 22 is still at my local warehouse for months. Never seen series 23, 24 and 25. Nothing in other warehouse that I rarely visit as from yesterday. I don't collect them but I do look for it. It pretty lacking around here.

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