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Wow! Our Tomica and Plarail Town VHS [プラレール/Tomica World Japanese promotional VHS]
[Image: DSC-0001.jpg]

Ok guys, as i've been promising for several months in my main thread [], here is a full transfer of my Japanese Plarail/Tomica World VHS. The full title, per the tape label, is 'Wow! Our Tomica and Plarail Town' - Thanks to Vio for pointing this out, since I don't read Japanese all that well :P

[Note - Because of YouTube's asinine copyright policies, I thought I had to edit stock music over any apperance of the Thomas the Tank Engine theme, but as the copyright claim only applies to Syria, Iran, North Korea and Cuba, it doesn't make any difference for us here on BPT]

Anyone who wants a copy of the entire film, here's a link for the entire unedited film as a download from my Google Drive;

A few interesting pointers from this tape;

1] It's from 1999 [there's a 1999 copyright on the Thomas segment, the 700 Series is prominently featured as a new model, and a segment about Plarail's 40th anniversary is on there too]

2] It seems to contain a good proportion of the components and trains exported as 'Tomica World', albeit mostly in their Japanese configurations.

3] Some of the trains shown [including the Hitachi Fresh Express, Eurostar and TGV] are run with 4 coaches as opposed to 3, I'm not sure if this is how they were sold in Japan, or just for the video.

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]

4] There appear to be 2 variants of the 'TGV Station'/'Shinkansen Station' Plarail/Motor Tomica accessory, so there was the Shinkansen/TGV version that's fairly well known and another version shown in the video that appears to be a special edition 'Yurikamome Line' version [this being a rapid-transit system in Tokyo], where the roof canopy is designed to look like a Yurikamome Line station, and the train itself is a special 2-car model of the Yurikamome sets [incidentally, these aren't heavy-rail trains per-se, but Mitsubishi 'Crystal Mover' people movers like that at an airport].

[Image: image.png]
[Plarail/Tomica Yurikamome Station]

[Image: image.png]

[Image: image.png]
[Plarail Yurikamome 7000 Series, 2-car]

[Image: image.png]
[Yurikamome 7000 Series/Crystal Mover]

[Image: image.png]
[Aomi Station, Yurikamome Line]

5] 'Tomica R/C' which appear to be Motor Tomica/Tomica World motorised models but with R/C capabilities added [which sounds like something kinda useful for larger layouts?]

[Image: image.png]

6] There's a battery operated version of the 'traffic light' accessory released for Tomica World that operates automatically via a 'magic eye' beam sensor, which could either be an actual Japanese product, or possibly an unreleased prototype [I've not seen it anywhere aside from this video]

[Image: image.png]

7] 'Baby Plarail'/'My First Plarail', which was exported later as the 'My First Train Set' by Tomy, albeit with any reference to Plarail or Tomica World absent from the box. All the models appear, as with regular Plarail to be based on actual Japanese models, and looking on Google, it appears the first export version came with what I think is a 700 Series [although I also think it could be a 300 Series] in it's correct livery [later models seemed to be a generic sky-blue colour]

[Image: image.png]
[Original set]

[Image: image.png]
[Current set]

[Image: image.png]
[Left to right; 500 Series Shinkansen, Narita Express Mk1/253 Series, 300/700 Series Shinkansen, 400 Series Shinkansen]

8] Video footage of special sets like the Doraemon set, Pokemon set etc.

9] Hikarian, which wasn't a part of Plarail per-se, but was kind of similar in concept to today's Shinkalion line - Train models that convert to robots; Both made by Tomy of course. This had an anime tied in, and some brief clips appear here. 

So there we go, let me know what you guys think, and keep an eye out on my main thread for some more updates soon [or at least, as soon as my Mr Motorman, Fresh Express, Tobu Spacia, 400 Series and C62 loco arrive]

Peace out, and happy viewing!
Been building Plarail worlds since 2001; still building in 2021 - Not bad really  :cool:
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4. The Yurikamome version of the TGV station is shown in my Tomica World Vehicles thread, in the description of the Silver Bus TW-18.

5. The four R/C Tomica cars are listed in Super's How Many Motorized Road Vehicles Are There? thread., and also here in the same thread.

7. The Japanese versions of the 'My First' pull-back toys were released in 1999 as 'First Time Plarail' はじめてプラレール.
They are:
01 - 300 srs Nozomi
02 - 500 srs Nozomi
03 - 400 srs Tsubasa
04 - Narita Express
05 - 700 srs Nozomi
06 - 0 srs Doctor Yellow type 922
07 - D51
[Image: Plarail-07-D51.jpg]
08 - Commuter Train
09 - Patrol Car
10 - Fire Engine

The two versions sold in the 'west' under various brands and labels contain either the 300 srs Nozomi or something using the same mould but with a fictional dark blue / light blue livery. Anyone want an illustrated thread showing the complete collection?
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The more you know  :D

I'm quite surprised just how many of the pull-back Plarail models existed, to be fair it was a surprise for me seeing there was more than just the 300 Series haha  ;)

Also good to know that the Yurikamome and R/C cars have been documented - I had no idea if they had or not, this whole VHS was a blast to watch given all the stuff on it, and kinda shows how much was left out of the export release in reality, which is impressive considering that the Tomica World line was pretty expansive all considered, it's amazing to think it could have been bigger potentially!
Been building Plarail worlds since 2001; still building in 2021 - Not bad really  :cool:
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I have seen number 6 one. Traffic light on Japanese auction once. Was going buy it then decided not to. Didnt realised it was battery operated one with lights. I would brought it straight away if I knew.
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Thanks P-Man
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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There was no such thing as a “Japanese Tomica World”. Tomica World is European and American English only, if you want to describe “Japanese Tomica World”, you call it プラレール. Urgently needs a thread rename to avoid confusion.
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Well the video's spoken and written word is in Japanese right?
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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  • Plarail Man UK
I'm refering to the thread, that is "Tomica World Japanese VHS".

1. There is no media that ever promotes Tomica World in Japanese.
2. Tomica World logo was never in Japanese, nor the Tomica World brand was promoted in the Japanese environment.
3. No Tomica World logo appeared in the video.

In short, this video is the プラレール promotional video, not Tomica World.
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Ah...I see what you mean now. So the front of the VHS Tape says "Tomica, Plarail and Tomy" What does it say in the middle portion?

[Image: DSC-0001.jpg]
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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Middle reads:

Our Tomica and Plarail Town

Well, looks like the thread can be renamed as agreed.
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That would be up to the original Poster.
[Image: super-smiley-emoticon.gif]
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@Vio - Fair enough, you are right with regards to the title; I've changed it to reflect any/all correct or potential names for the tape now  :D

In my defence, I don't read Japanese very well, and so for all intents and purposes [and certainly to anyone I've talked with about the tape] I have simply called it the 'Japanese Tomica World Tape' for ease, since most people I know locally IRL know the entire line as either 'Tomica World' or more commonly just as 'Tomy trains', so i've kind of fallen into the habit of just calling it that :angel: .

That's mainly because here in the UK most people have at least come across the name Tomica World, usually thanks to the Thomas the Tank Engine range during childhood - Actually, most of my freinds remember owning at minimum a Plarail/Tomica World Thomas and a circle of track [presumably the Basic Set they used to sell here] as they used to be the best-selling Thomas toys avaliable; I myself have many fond memories of my own old layouts, which I recall calling 'Thomas trains' [even my T.W JNR EF65, which I still have, used to be called a 'thomas train' once upon a time, before I knew better :P]  and spending time at a freinds building expansive layouts with a mix of Plarail blue and Tomy Trains deep blue track, along with a lot of Thomas engines so yeah ;) .

Anyway, naming conventions have been duly noted, and updated. Think i'll leave the YouTube title be though, since I'm doubtful anyone will likely search it, and if they do, at least it'll appear alongside the other Tomy promo tapes like the 'Tomica World Show' and that [all of which seem to appear alongside more current Japanese promo videos anyway, at least, when I search them  :blush: ].

Thanks for pointing it out anyway, always nice to have more information on stuff like this :D
Been building Plarail worlds since 2001; still building in 2021 - Not bad really  :cool:
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